Keith Kirwen.

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I’m Keith Kirwen

I’m a Chicago born man-of-many-hats. At a young ripe age of 25 I quit my job as a mountain guide and therapist and sold everything I owned except my dog and my mountaineering and snowboarding gear. I bought an old hippy Volkswagen bus to spend a winter snowboarding in Canada.

A spirit of adventure took me, instead, to find love, passion, business and adventure in a foreign land. This spirit, allowed me to discover The World’s Greatest Place.

Since then, I forged my life and family in this wonderful place.

All these years enjoying the mountains and coming to know the culture, history, language and the people, my friends, of the Pyrenees. Together, our objective is to share this jewel with the world.

I’m Sofía Vallejo

I was born in Bilbao, and lived in the North of Spain until I went to the Uk to finish my studies and graduated in History of Art.

Then I spent many years in Mallorca where I had a small Real Estate Company and specialized in locating, building and decorating properties to meet the personalized needs of each client.

I have always been a keen skier in the Pyrenees and the Alps and discovered the Val d’Aran with my family. Baqueira and the Val d’Aran is not only Southern Europe’s top ski resort. It is also a lifestyle concept!

With my backround and experience, we create tailor-made and personalized trips so you can have your own Pyrenees Experience.

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I’m Rafa Fuster

I am Mallorcan and have lived all my life in the Balearic Islands. My studies were in Tourism and have owned and operated a travel agency for many years. Our focus has always been on offering our clients personalized experiences throughout the world and the Pyrenees Experience is the perfect adventure holiday agency.

I understand that personalization and professionally designed holidays in a beautiful environment, like the Pyrenees, are what the new Millenium requieres. I look forward to working with you!

I’m Elena Alonso Canalda

I am from Madrid, but I feel the Val de Aran is my home.  In the past I have lived in the Uk and Germany.  I Studied Business Studies in London and I always knew which type of company I wanted to work in!!! I have made my dream come true combining business with travel and mountains. It’s wonderfull making your passion a way of life. One of my greatest satisfactions is seeing how many people come to our Valley for the first time and at the end of their trip, with a big smile on their faces they say goodbye and “see you NEXT YEAR!” 

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